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Commercial Fibreglass Roof Clean

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Cleaning your fibreglass roof can be the quickest and cheapest way of bringing more light into your commercial building/factory.

Fibreglass/plastic roofing, like other roofing materials, collects dust, grime and develops mould, mildew & lichen over time. However, unlike other roofing materials, the translucent nature of the plastic means you will see all the dirt & soilage. This will obstruct light from coming in which contradicts the purpose of having a plastic roof).

We can fix this problem for you. You will be amazed by the difference it makes with clean fibreglass/plastic roofing.

√ Significant improvement in light levels & visibility

√ Use less energy & power and let the sun shine through

√ Light directly corresponds to a feeling of space

√ Improved Health & Safety in the workplace

√ Staff well-being

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