Solar Panel Cleaning Berwick - 3806

What do we specialise in?Aah Clean specialise in Exterior Cleaning. One of our services is Solar Panel Cleaning across a range of properties/sites in and around the Berwick area:

  • Commercial & Industrial
  • Residential

Do I need to clean my Solar Panels?

  • ……. If you want to maximize your energy absorption
  • It’s simple, if your panels are dirty they won’t absorb energy resulting in reduced efficiency
  • Dust, Dirt & Wind make your panels dirty.
  • Rinsing them with water is not enough to clean them, you need to agitate the dirt off them and in some cases, use Glass safe scrapers to remove pollen, bird faeces & more

What do you we use to clean your Solar Panels?

  • We use the Water Fed Brushes to clean your panels
  • We can use of Professional Glass Scrapers

What types of Solar Panels Cleaning service do we offer?

  • Solar Panel Clean
  • Detailed Solar Panel Clean (if your panels are really dirty)

How Much do we charge?

  • Every property is unique. Give us a call & we will offer a FREE quote

Why hire us?

  • Our people are ‘Working at Heights’accredited
  • We know how to safely access the panels from the roof & have Anchor Points & Harnesses on hand (as required)
  • We have a track record of delivering quality to many business & homeowners: read what our customers say about us: Word of Mouth
  • Want to see how we work? Check out our Videos on our Website
  • Safety First – we care for our people and your property
  • Fully Insured – Trade & Public Liability

For more information and a free no obligation quote on Call now on 1300 951 207