Frequently Asked Questions


Why should we consider hiring you when we can either purchase or hire a machine ourselves?

We use commercial machines that have a high flow rate of water (min. 15l/p/m), extension lances and a full range of equipment to deliver a quality clean. It’s actually the flow rate of water – i.e. the volume of water you deliver to the surface that cleans (not so much the psi). We also have an understanding of surfaces, soft, hard, porous, composite etc. so that we are able to use the correct pressure & applicators to get you the best results.


What is the best cloth to clean a window with?

We find a range of microfiber cloths are the best. The finer the weave of the cloth, generally, the better the result.

What is the best solution to clean windows with?

At Aah Clean, we use a specialist Window cleaning fluid that is Biodegradable and phosphate-free. The ammonia in the solution cuts through the grease and grime on your windows giving a much needed boost. We find it dissolves dirt fast and squeegees off leaving glass sparkling and completely streak free.

Some customers do not want their windows cleaned because the rain will just make them dirty again when it rains. Is this really a fact?

The three major things that cause windows to become dirty are:

Insect droppings

If these are present on the glass when it rains, the residue in the rain attaches itself to the dirt and often makes the windows look worse. However if the windows are cleaned, then the rain will simply sheet off the clean glass and the windows continue to remain clean.

What does a pure water system do and does it deliver good results?

We found this great video, which is a useful resource:


Does Gutter Guard work and is it worth spending the expense to install it?

Our experience having cleaned hundreds of roofs is that it really depends on the location & position of your home. In most cases, we have found it does not prevent silt, dirt, and heavy sludge build up. In some cases, grass and plants grow right through the mesh including a regular build up of moss & lichen on the mesh.

When you consider most installed guards (the screw in types) cost thousands to install on an average 3-4 bedroom home plus the increased cost to clean the gutters with guard on it, the return is questionable.

If you really want to put in place a preventive guard, we recommend something like a Gutter Brush that you can buy online.


Do my panels need to be cleaned? And if so, how often?

Yes, your panels do need to cleaned to maintain efficiency of solar gain. Manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of solar panels to ensure maximum efficiency. You can expect to increase your efficiency by 30-50% (as a minimum). Rain alone doesn’t clean your solar panels as dirt, debris and bird faeces all co at your panels reducing their efficiency.

We clean your panels with our purified waterfed telescopic pole system using soft brushes and a quality result so you receive maximum savings in the long run. The regularity of the clean depends on where you live. Dirt roads, trees, birds & dust are all part of the considerations we take into account when recommending how often to clean your panels.

Why hire us?

  • We have a track record of delivering quality to many business & homeowners: read what our customers say about us: Word of Mouth
  • Safety First – we care for our people and your property
  • Fully Insured – Trade & Public Liability
  • Our people are ‘Working at Heights’ accredited
  • We have the equipment and the know how.

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